This tutorial is written in psp 9, but also working in other psp versions
ATTENTION: Are you using another version of PSP, it can be that some things are in another place

I hope this tutorial is written understandable
I’m working with a Dutch version of PSP, so I had to translate the tutorial in similar words
It is possible that some things are written different in the English version of PSP


Download the Tube, Mask, Brush and picture HERE
Unfortunally i do not know to whom the brush and mask belongs to. Please mail me if you know
The tube is made by MarieL
Click on the banner to go to her website

Of course you may use a tube u like yourself

Before we start

Before we start or open PSP put your Brush in your map of brushes in PSP
Put your Mask in the map of Masks in your PSP
Now you can run PSP
Open your tube and the newspaper picture in PSP
Choose a light color as your foreground and a dark color as your background

The colors I chose:
Foreground #99abc7
Background #5e6a7c

Step 1

Open a new image with the measures of 700x500 pixels
Fill it with your foreground color

Step 2

Layers > New raster layer
Fill it with your background color
Layers > Mask load/save > Load mask from disc
Look for krant001 and apply
Go to Layers > Merge > Merge group
Go to Effects > Edge > Enhance

Step 3

Copy the tube and paste as new layer
Move it to the left bottom untill it fits nice on the bottom line
Effects > 3d Effects > Drop shadow
Vertical: 10, Horizontal: 10, Opacity: 50, Blur: 5 , Color: Black
Duplicate this layer and put the modus of this layer on “Soft Light” in your layer pallette
Image > Mirror

Step 4

Go to your bottom layer and lock all the others
Selections > Select all
Layers > New raster layer
Copy krant1 and paste into selection
Put the modus of this layer on “Luminance (old)” in your layer palette
Now you can unlock all layers again

Step 5

Go to the layer above.
The click on Layers > New raster layer
Click on your Brush Tool and look for the brush > LyricsSet2.6
Click 3 times with your dark color, now the text is better to read!
Effects > 3d Effects > Drop shadow > 1, 1, 10, 0, Color: black
Repeat this drop shadow 2 more times

Step 6

Put your name on the tag on a new raster layer
Image > Add borders > 1 pixel black
Add borders 4 pixels your dark color
Add borders 2 pixels your light color
Add borders 1 pixel black.

Save as JPG-file.

I hope you had fun making this tutorial! It’s written 100% by me, and if similar tutorials exist it’s pure coincidental! Please make sure read my TOU. I do not give permission to copy my tutorials and put it into Word Documents. My tutorials may NOT be shared in any way, the materials must stay at all times intact and may not be shared. I can do that myself, and the people from who I’ve got my permission can do that as well.
If you want to link to any of my tutorials, please email me for my permission. HERE you will find Groups, clubs and forums who have my permission. NOTE: When you are linking/copying/hotlinking anything from this site, you’ll come on the black list and on the website of copycats for everyone to see



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