Find the Seed Blend

The original tutorial has been made by Lelanie
I'm honoured that I may translate the tutorial from her
HERE  you can find the original version
The translated version is copyright to me

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I hope this tutorial is written understandable
I work with a Dutch version of psp, so I had to translate the tutorial  in similar words
It is possible that some things are written different in the English version of PSP

This tutorial has been written in PSP 9, but is also working in other PSP versions
ATTENTION: Are you using another version of PSP, it can be that some things are in other places


In this lesson you have to take a look what kind of colours you want to use, because we will play alot with the colors in our work!



Download the tubes, masks, selections and brushes HERE
The brush, selection and mask is made by Lelanie
The tubes are made by MarieL
Click on the banners below to go to their websites


Before we start:

Put the brushes and brush tips in your map of brushes in psp
Put the selection in your selection map in psp
Open the 2 tubes AND the mask in psp
Choose a light color we going to use as our front (foreground) color
Choose a dark color as your background color

The colors I chose:
Foreground #bf324a
Background #271415

Set your background to gradient with the following settings:


Step 1

Go to LelaniesMask011 and copy this one
Close the original mask (click it away)
Edit > Paste as new Picture

Step 2

Layers: open a new Raster Layer
Selections - selections load from your hard disc with the following settings:

find Find the seed_Lelanie_001 and click ok

Fill the selection with your background gradient
Selections > Select none
Effects > Edge > Enhance

Step 3

Layers > New raster layer
Fill this with your light foreground color
Put the modus on "Hard Light" in your layer pallette
Move this layer 1 layer downwards

Step 4

Go to the top layer
Put the modus of this layer on "Overlay" in you layer pallette
Duplicate this layer
Go to Image > Rotate > Free rotate > 15 right > All layers unchecked

Step 5

Copy the flower and paste it as new layer
Move it downwards with your tool untill it fits nice on the bottom line
Go to Effects > 3D effects > Drop shadow with the following settings:
Vertical: 10, Horizontal: 10, Opacity: 50, Blur: 5, Color: Black
Repeat the drop shadow
Put the modus of this layer on "Soft Light" in your layer pallette

Step 6

Copy the flower tube again and paste it as a new layer
Put it like that so it fits under the other flower
Put the modus of this Layer on "Dodge" in you Layer pallette

Step 7

Copy the woman’s face and paste as new layer
Move her to the left side of you image
Duplicate the flower layer just below the woman
Layers - Arrange - Bring to top
** now the flower layer is in front of the woman layer / face **
Put the modus of this layer on "Luminance" in your layer pallette
Image > Mirror
Move the flower layer to the left bottom, or how you like it

Step 8

Layers > New raster layer
Click on your brush tool and find LelaniesBrush_findtheseed
Put your background color on COLOR, so you take it off of the gradient
Now click in the square on the right 1 time with your front color
Move your brush a little down and to the right and click 1 time with your background color
Put the modus of this layer on "Luminance" in your layer pallette
Duplicate this layer
Put the duplicated layer on modus "Overlay"

Step 9

Go to Image > Add borders > 2 pixels with your background color
Go to Edit - Copy
Go to Image > Add borders with the following settings:
Symmetry locked out, Top: 10, Left: 50, Bottom: 10, Right: 50 > Colour: White
Click with your magic wand in the white border

Step 10

Layers > New raster layer
Edit > Paste in selection
Image > Mirror
Selections > Promote to layer
Layers > Merge > Merge downwards
Effects > Texture effects > Blinds with the following settings:
Width: 10, Opacity: 100, Everything locked and use your background color
Repeat this but now unlock everything
Go to Effects > 3D Effects > Drop shadow with the following settings:
H and V on 0, Opacity: 100, Blur: 10, Color: a bright color out of your picture
Repeat drop shadow

Step 11

Selections > Invert
Repeat the Drop Shadow 1 time like step 10, but put your color on black
Okay, now another drop shadow
Vertical: 0, Horizontal: 25, Opacity: 50, Blur: 10, Color: Black
Repeat Drop Shadow but now horizontal on -25
Selections > Select nothing
Go to Adjust > Sharpness > Sharpen

Step 12

Put your watermark on your tag
Image > Add borders > 1 pixel black
Image > Add borders> 5 pixels your background color
Image > Add borders > 1 pixel with the color you used as drop shadow in step 10
Image> Add borders> 1 pixel black

Your tag is ready! save it as .JPG file

Here another version of this tutorial


I hope you had some fun following this tutorial!  It was fun translating it from Dutch into English.  I do not give permission to copy my tutorials and put it into Word-Documents!  My tutorials my not be shared in any way, the materials must stay at all times intact and may not be shared. I can do that myself, and the people from whom i've got my permission can to that as well.
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Thank you

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